Atmospheric Electricity

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Background Information: 

Brief Description: Take on the role of an inventor/constructor and build your own machine that generates electricity. Recreate Lord Kelvin's famous 19th century experiment where electricity was obtained from falling water droplets. Check the operation of your device in various configurations and conditions. During the activity, you will learn what the Earth's electric field is, what current flows through the atmosphere during a thunderstorm and in fair weather conditions, and how water droplets in the air gain electric charge. In short, you will find out why your device works :)

Age Range: 12+ years old

Subject(s): Physics, Chemistry

Didactical Hours: 1 didactical hour (45 min) – when based on video material or using a ready-made Kelvin water dropper

Learning objectives: 

- getting to know the concept of the Global Electric Circuit
- construction of a device generating electricity using the phenomena of induction charging and water ionization
- presentation of selected practical aspects of the atmosphere's electricity

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